10 Amazing Ways Elephants are Like Human Beings


Did you know that elephants have striking similarities to human beings? Well, most people think that these mammals are emotionless, which is a misconception.

Just like human beings, elephants have emotions that they express in different ways. For example, elephants grieve for the loss of loved ones just like we do!

10 Ways Elephants are Like Human Beings

  • Elephants Value Family

Elephants have distinct family units! They appreciate their loved ones by spending quality time together. In cases of attacks, adult elephants shield their young ones from the enemy vigorously which exemplify the value they attach to their families. 

  • Elephants Express Empathy

Elephants are known to comfort friends who are experiencing difficult times. Some of the methods they apply include caressing and chirping which offer reassurance that everything will change for the better. 

  • They Love to Engage Each Other

Elephants will cleverly engage their friends through trumpeting, chirping, or squeaking. Also, these mammals possess sophisticated vocals used to express their feelings and communicate with their herd members.

  • They Suffer from Stress

If you’ve always thought that only human beings are prone to a traumatic stress disorder, you’re wrong. Elephants also suffer from stress especially when their future is uncertain. For example, baby elephants can wake up at night and start screaming in terror after experiencing a horrifying murder of their friends and families.

  • Elephants Babysit

Female elephants help in taking care of each other’s calves. Also, elderly elephants always help young females to learn crucial tips for taking care of their young ones.

  • They Admire Themselves in the Mirror

Elephants are endowed with the cognitive ability to admire themselves in the mirror. This ability is extraordinary since very few animals have it. In fact, it can be used to categorise animals whose empathy is significantly developed.

  • They Appreciate Team Work

Elephants know that working together will uplift them and help them achieve better results. They support each other in different activities and work as a team to protect their calves from poachers.

  • They Have Elaborate Protection Measures

Elephants value their loved ones. As such, they have developed elaborate measures to enhance their security. For example, if a calf squeals to express pain, the mother and other relatives will leave everything else and rush to resolve the distress!

  • Elephants Enjoy Hugging!

Yes, you read that right. Elephants hug by wrapping their trunks together. This is their unique way of expressing affection and passing gratitude.

  • They Love Feeding on Plants

Human beings feed on greens just like elephants. While not all humans like plant-based meals, the majority do and this is a considerable similarity to human beings. 

Bottom Line

Elephants are more similar to human beings than you can imagine. Their emotional and cognitive behaviours are significantly developed compared to other animals. 

Despite these similarities, poachers have consistently killed them to acquire their trunks. These lovely creatures are now endangered!

To avert this, everyone should play their role to enhance their protection.