Two humpback whales swim up to guests at the Great Bear Lodge (Canada)

 It might just happen to you: You are just having an excellent breakfast during your holiday and, when looking outside your window, suddenly spot something peculiar moving in the water. That is exactly what happened to those lucky ones who were on vacation at the Great Bear Lodge in Canada.

It started with circles in the water that soon turned into bubbles and splashing water. Then the audience suddenly sees something come up out of the water...


The hotel guests do not want to miss that! Some are still wearing their bathrobes, but they don't care. They run onto the terrace to see this wonderful phenomenon up close. A spectacular 'show' follows that nobody had seen coming.

Some guests look at what is happening in the water in disbelief. Enthusiastically, some people point their finger at the water. Then what is going on under the surface of the water is being revealed...


It appears to be a group of whales  It turns out to be a group of whales! And such an event is very rare to happen in this small bay. Normally, the best time to see these giant animals is at the end of the Canadian summer. And that has not started yet, which makes it all the more special.

The hotel guests realize how lucky they are. Many travelers come to Canada - sometimes to no avail - just in the hope of spotting a whale...


Impressively close

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Vancouver Island, Quebec, Churchill, and Newfoundland, in particular, are ideal places to see Canada's friendly giants up close. However, this lucky group of people at the Great Bear Lodge had been witnessing a small whale family together in an impressive way, spotting them very close by.

The bay where this lodge is located is normally not a place where you would expect these animals. The question is how they ended up there. It was a great moment! 

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The video of the spectacle has been watched over 1 million times. Our favorite comment under the video is: "You lucky ones. How I wish I saw that up close, too..... luckyyyyyyyy you."

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