"Look in the garage" is the last thing their sick uncle said

In the spring of 2007, the 89-year-old English Dr. Harold Carr died in Newcastle. He managed to surprise his family even after his death. The very old, smart man seemed to have been an avid collector, and not only donated his home and furniture, but also his garage as his heritage.

And there, it turns out that the man to had a huge surprise for his sad family.


In the dark, cool and dusty garage, a cousin found something he had not dared to dream about ...

Dr. Harold Carr had lived a withdrawn existence in the last years of his life. Partly due to his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), he lived like a hermit. He never threw anything away and began to collect more and more stuff.

The old man had a fondness for machines, planes, and adventure-related collectibles.


Of all the machines, his greatest love was for cars. His old garage offered plenty of junk and several cars, but nobody knew exactly what kind of cars and how many there were.

When the old doctor drew his last breath, it was time to find out all things and possibly sell them. Harold's cousin was the first to examine his uncle's old garage. When he opened the creaking doors, he could not believe his eyes.


The cousin of Harold saw a car with a very well-known brand name ...

It was an old Bugatti. How could he ever have imagined that he would find a car of this caliber in the garage of his uncle? Because his uncle led a very withdrawn existence, few people were aware of the doctor's possession.

When the man's nephew looked straight into the headlights, he saw one of the most exclusive cars ever.


Bugatti's are still among the greatest cars ever made. And this version was particularly special. The model, a 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atalante #57502 is one of only 43 cars in its class, made by the French car manufacturer.

The car had several owners over the years, including driver Francis Curzon, before the car was bought in 1955 by dr. Carr. After 1960, the car was hidden in the man's garage after the license of the car had expired. Partly as a result of the isolated existence of Dr. Carr and because of his strong will to keep his collection hidden from the public, almost nobody knew that he owned the car.


He himself had bought the car for an amount of 985 pounds, which is 1955 was a considerable amount. But it's nothing compared to the amount this car was sold for at an auction.

The car was almost completely original, which caused the price to rise enormously. Soon the car appeared to have gained enormous value at an auction and raised a few million euros. The car was eventually sold for 4 million dollars or 3.5 million euros.


The money was divided among the family members, who never thought they would become millionaires when they cleaned up the garage of their solitary uncle!