Homeless Cesar is supported by dog friends in the hospital

The homeless César has been living on the streets of Rio do Sul, Brazil, for years. Despite the fact that the place has more than 70,000 people to this day, César is well known. Almost everyone knows him because of his lifestyle and kindness.

Cesar needs medication every week, for which he goes to the local clinic. This time, however, things were different: he had to go to Regional Alto Vale Hospital this time to receive help. When Cesar arrived there, hospital staff could not believe their own eyes: the man had not come alone!

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Turns out that Cesar - despite the fact that he has hardly any material possessions - did have a lot of love and companionship...

A group of friendly dogs waited for the man in front of the hospital door. They were his most loyal friends, who had always treated Cesar 'normally'. Unlike many of his human "friends."

Outside the hospital doors, therefore, 4 dogs were waiting in line, hoping that the man would come out quickly to spend the day with them. It turned out that the Brazilian had taken on the care and responsibility of the dogs because otherwise, the four-legged friends would have had to provide for themselves. 

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That is why the four now proved their love to him, waiting for him in front of the hospital, as you can see in the video ...

Cesar told the hospital staff that he often didn't even eat to make sure that the puppies had enough to eat. The staff was moved. After spending an hour in the hospital, Cesar and his friends were on their way again.

A little shaky on the legs, the man walked out with his four-legged friends. “I don't know why he is homeless, but I admire his respect and love for these animals. If everyone were so good to others ... " said the lady who gave him his medication.

Watch the video below:

Source: YouTube