Meet Frederick The Great, Unofficially the world’s most handsome stallion

With his beautiful black hair and strong torso, people describe 'Frederik the Great' as a magnificent and sexy horse. He even has been offered several film roles.

Frederik is a 15-year-old Frisian stallion from Arkansas who was born in the Netherlands. After some photos from the animal were placed on a website, the horse became an instant hit on the Internet. Below a photo from the horse.

Cally Matherly via Facebook
His fans describe him as handsome, brilliant and sexy. But what makes this horse so special?

His owner is Stacy Nazario, who bought Frederik when he was six years old. Stacy: "His personality is equal to his appearance. He is simply phenomenal. His temperament is sweet, he is a friendly giant."

"The last period Frederik is so popular. Now his photos and videos are actually being viewed all over the world, he has become an Internet sensation." Below a picture from the horse. Look at the beautiful black curled hair. 

Source: Youtube
Have a good look at the horse in the video!

Frederik is seen by many people as the most beautiful horse in the world. The horse has its own Facebook page with more than 30.000 fans from all over the world.  "Frederik is such a beautiful animal, there will be never a horse like him again," is one of the reactions on his fan page. 

Watch the video below, and see it for yourself:

Source: Frederik the Great (Facebook)