Researchers find a big hole in the forest - they never expected to make this discovery inside.

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Nature is beautiful all around the world. And sometimes, very occasionally, an unexpected marvel is being found. This was also the case in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Guangxi Zhuang in the south of China.

It was a normal day for a group of Chinese explorers. They wanted to spend some time in Fengshan County, an area full of so-called sinkholes.


Suddenly the road surface disappears

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A so-called sinkhole is created when the landscape suddenly collapses, resulting in a hole being created in the earth. Sometimes that happens to places which are inhabited. For example, we occasionally read in newspapers that the road surface in a street suddenly disappears into the ground...


Mysterious holes

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The Chinese knew that there were many such mysterious holes in this wooded area. They posed no danger to people there, but nature had taken its course. The research team would close off this day with a special discovery.


Millions of years old

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From above, a huge 'gap' between the huge bushy forest had been spotted once. The researchers were on their way to that place. This sinkhole might have been created millions of years ago. Regarding the hole, nature had clearly played its part there just as well.


An underground landscape

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The Chinese team had decided to descend to the hole to see what they would discover there. They found a beautiful 'underground' landscape appearing right in front of their eyes, which had never been found anywhere else in the world.


Descending down the cave

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The Fengshan County region is bursting with caves. There are dozens of large underground corridors. This sinkhole could well be the entrance to one of these gigantic, vast cave systems!

With all kinds of work materials, the researchers then descended down the hole, using ropes to reach the ground. The plan was to map out the size of the hole, and also to discover more about the underground tunnel system.


A risky operation

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It should be a risky operation. After all, nobody knew what the team would find and what nature had created down there. This sinkhole was unlike any other; it soon became clear that it was unique and that there were only a few holes of the same dimensions existing in this world. In fact, there would only be a few dozen of those.


A world-class sinkhole

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The beautiful natural phenomenon was about 100 meters wide and 200 meters long. Until researchers arrived at the bottom, they had to descend into the depth for about 118 meters! The volume of this 'cave' was of rare size, approximately 6.7 million cubic meters so that geological experts called it a world-class sinkhole.


An underground river

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The cave complex turned out to be beautiful. It entailed corridors, halls, craters, collapsed rocks, stone pillars and cave beads (small, round and smooth stones that were polished by water). There was also an underground river, which appeared to be in direct connection with the nearby Panyang River.


The Hong Kong · Haiting Hall

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Source: Christchurch Penguin Rehabilitation
The scientists hoped that their research in the cave would help them to better understand how the landscape of China's Fengshan County region had formed. And this Hong Kong · Haiting Hall might have brought them one step closer...



Watch a video of the wonderful discovery below:

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