Young twins chill at the pool when they suddenly see something in the water...

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The American Amy Walters and D.J. Deiter were colleagues for many years. However, when Amy's relationship ran aground, she and D.J. grew together. The two soon became a couple and got engaged quickly after that.

A conference in Florida

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Because of their position at Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial, the two had to travel regularly for their work. They often did that together. This time they were asked to go to a conference in Florida from their home town of Bowling Green.

To Disney World

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The couple always wanted to go there, so they decided to stick to it a few days off. Together with the sons Peyton and Bryant from Amy's previous relationship, they traveled to sunny Florida.

There, they would attend the conference and then visit  Disney World, which the six-year-old twins looked forward to. In the meantime, the family is staying in a hotel where Amy and D.J. prepared for the meeting, while the children enjoyed the pool at the resort.

In the swimming pool

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The two boys played in the water for hours under the glorious sunshine of Florida. "As always, the two wanted to stay in the pool longer at the end of the afternoon," says Amy. "And so D.J. said he would stay with them so that I could pack our bags for the conference the next day."

An unguarded moment 

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Meanwhile, the pool was as good as empty. Besides D.J. and the boys, there was a mother with her 3-year-old daughter Charlie, who was about to return to their hotel room. In an unguarded moment, however, the little girl decided to go to Peyton and Bryant...

She began to drown

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They were playing with each other and the toddler thought that was interesting. The girl jumped into the pool with full enthusiasm. Only then did little Charlie realize that the water was too deep for her and that she had nothing to hold onto. Lashing about, she began to drown...

She sank to the bottom

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The 6-year-old boys were the only ones who were close by the girl and immediately realized what was going on. They rushed toward the toddler immediately and pulled her up from the bottom of the pool.

The brothers took immediate action

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Peyton put an arm around Charlie - just the way he had learned during a swimming lesson - and dragged her to the edge of the pool. Bryant had already swum to the stairs so that he could help his brother pulling the girl out onto dry land. 

Taking courageous action

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Together, the boys managed to get Charlie out of the water, where the mother of the girl took care of Charlie immediately. When she saw that things had gone well, she thanked the young twin brothers for having taken courageous action.

In the news

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The news of their rescue action spread quickly. The two boys thus even made it into the local news. The little boys became heroes overnight. Despite their young age of only 6 years old, they knew how to save the life of the young Charlie.

The brothers became heroes

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Because of their brave action, the twins even received several letters from people who praised the two for their courage. 'At a time when many people only think of themselves, you have done everything you could to save a life, and at such a young age. You are heroes,"  was among other things one could read.

Someone in need

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"They are very proud of what they have done and are happy with all the recognition they receive for their action, they are smiling from ear to ear,"  says their happy mother Amy. "They did the right thing, just as everyone should do when they see someone in need."


Watch a video of the twins saving life below:

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