This wooden house has a size of only 60 square meters: a look inside and you are sold immediately

'Tiny houses' have become increasingly popular in recent years. After America, among others, the Netherlands is slowly becoming acquainted with the concept. Tiny houses are practical, small houses. It is mainly about making the living situation as healthy, environmentally friendly and freedom-enhancing as possible.

The small houses can be moved so that residents can in principle live wherever they want. The living area can usually not be compared much to a 'normal' house, but despite that, everything else is thought through...

Simple, but fully equipped

The houses are deliberately built and inhabited upon the need to lead a simpler life, to focus less on consumption and to cause less damage ecologically. And it certainly does not look too shabby inside.

Just look at this house. The residents have only 60 square meters at their disposal (35 meters on the ground floor and 25 meters on the 'first' floor), but the buildings seem to feel a lot bigger...

A kitchen all inclusive

The wooden, mobile bungalow is admirable and equipped with all kinds of handy gadgets. So no corner is left unused. In addition, there seems to be enough room for an ordinary life in which nothing is missing. Just look at the kitchen. It looks just like any other kitchen: it has a stove, an oven, a microwave, a sink, a fridge, and even a dishwasher.

Overview from 'attic'

The bedroom is built on the ground floor, near the stairs. There is more than enough storage space in the entire house. A lot of things can be stored right into the stairs and in the small bedroom, one can even find a closet.

A kind of 'attic' was created on the first floor of the mini-houses. From here you can look into the living room/kitchen of the wooden house. It can be set up as a sort of lounge area, for example.

What is the price for such a thing?

As you can see, there is even a bathroom. You have to build in a bath or shower, but other than that, everything is available in the small house and you could move in straight away. There is good news for those who would like to know the price of this property...

The price varies between (€ 55,870) and 70,000 (€ 60,170). And for a house that is fully equipped, that is really not expensive!