These are the most special but unknown places in the world

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The world around us is beautiful. But sometimes, one might reach the most remote areas.

The following 10 locations are likely to frighten many. The daredevils, on the other hand, might visit these places someday ...

1. The Japanese 'puppet village' Nagoro

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 The small town of Nagoro is known as a ghost village. Only a few dozen people live in Nagoro, while the remote village is estimated to have around 400 dolls.

If someone dies or leaves the Iya Valley,  the 69-year-old resident Ayano Tsukimi makes a doll after their resemblance. 

2. 'Cross Hill' in Lithuania

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There is a hill in Lithuania, just outside the northern town of Šiauliai, which is full of religious symbols. 

Despite numerous attempts to clear the site, this hill remains a powerful symbol of devout devotion and has become Lithuania's heritage.

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In the heart of the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan, you can find the 'gate to hell'. The natural phenomenon originated in 1971 when Soviet geologists drilled a hole in search of gas.

The geologists encountered a gas bubble, creating a burning gas crater about 60 meters wide and 20 meters deep. Fearing that toxic gases would be released, the geologists set fire to the crater at the time, assuming that the fire would soon be extinguished. The opposite happened, however: it is still burning!

4. The creepiest amusement park Haw Par Villa

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Haw Par Villa in Singapore is perhaps the creepiest amusement park in the world. In the park, visitors are taught Chinese norms and values thanks to colorful statues. It shows organs that come out of cut open bodies or people who are burned or drowned alive. Understandably so, the park is prohibited to children.

5. The 'Christ of the Abyss' image

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Off the coast of the town of San Fruttuoso, located on the Italian Riviera, lies the 260-kilogram statue Cristo degli Abissi.

In 1954, the statue was placed in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of seventeen meters at precisely the place where the famous Italian diver Dario Gonzatti died. 

6. A church full of ghosts in the Czech Republic

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In the Czech village of Luková (50 kilometers north of Pilsen), the benches and the aisle of a 14th-century church are decorated in a spooky manner. 

In 1968, the ceiling came down, leaving many villagers convinced of this place being haunted.  

More than forty years later, the idea arose to place the ghostly figures in the church ...

7. The deserted town of Pripyat

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Exposed to radiation after the biggest nuclear disaster in Chernobyl in 1986, the 65.000 inhabitants of Pripyat left behind an abandoned place. 

8. The abandoned hospital complex Beelitz-Heilstätten

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The former Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital in Germany is a creepy location. The hospital was known as the Nazi hospital, where even the young Adolf Hitler was treated.

After the Second World War, the Red Army occupied the hospital until the mid-1990s. Since then it has been abandoned. 

9. Psychiatric hospital Poveglia

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The islet of Poveglia is only 7 football fields in size, yet an estimated 160,000 people have died here. It is therefore known as the most cursed island in the world.  From sick people being brought to the place in the 15th century to the mentally ill being tucked away, Poveglia is forbidden to the public these days. 

10. Hanging coffins in the Philippines

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Near the Filipino town of Sagada, dozens of coffins with deceased people hang on a rock. The reason? The deceased is thus closer to heaven and does not have to travel so long.

Source: Boredom Therapy