Naughty yet very funny animals!

Source: Source: Give It Love
We all know that people can sometimes be terrible bullies. However, this behavior also occurs with other creatures which can be seen in this photo report.

Most pets are hugely loved by their owners, although they sometimes tease as well. Here come some funny pictures.

1. Cat vs. barbecue meat

Source: Source: Give It Love
It was a great late summer evening and people enjoyed their barbecues. 

While the meat was ready to be prepared for the grill, this cat managed to get away with the sausages to feast high up in the tree. 

2. Sleeping place picked up

Source: Source: Give It Love
The dog in this photo is disappointed in his cat friends. His favorite place to sleep has been taken by his two housemates, forcing him to sit on the cold tiles.

3. Cat ruins the romantic picture

Source: Source: Give It Love
Whether this stray cat that caught sight of the camera would agree or not ... her answer was 'yes'.

4. Sugar everywhere

Source: Source: Give It Love
 Half a kilo of sugar isn't really an obstacle for this little one.

5.  Caught in the act

Source: Source: Give It Love
Caught in the act, this little cutie will need to find a very good explanation.

6. Vogel hands out karate kicks

Source: Source: Give It Love
This little carate expert clearly does not like to share. 

7. Cow seeks warmth

Source: Source: Give It Love
It is freezing cold in this Russian town. So cold that even this 600-kilogram cow needed some extra warmth. 

8. Nice keyboard

Source: Source: Give It Love
The family thought it would be fun to take a bird home. Little did they know about its typing skills.

9. The last piece of pizza

Source: Source: Give It Love
 Garfield has found what he came for...

10. The aggressive goose

Source: Source: Give It Love
In retrospect, this man should have chosen a different path...

11. A great 'photobomb'

Source: Source: Give It Love
During their vacation in Canada, the couple decided to take some nice pictures of themselves on the edge of a beautiful lake. Until a squirrel decided to join the shoot. The ultimate photobomb.

12. Visit from a monkey family

Source: Source: Give It Love
This is what happens when a monkey gang has taken an interest in your excellent sense of fashion.

13. A 'special' birthday message

Source: Source: Give It Love
The photo seemed such a good idea until this dog added a certain ' touch' to it...

14. Bear search for a companion 

Source: Source: Give It Love
This restaurant had no less but two mascots on this special evening. A real bear had also managed to climb onto the roof to take a good look at the fake bear ...

15. Cat vs. dog

Source: Source: Give It Love
 this exhausted dog,  roommate wanted some attention. After all, being left behind was not what the cat had in mind when her mate had to go to the vet.

Source: Give It Love