Mysterious photos that nobody can explain. Or can you?

History is full of strange moments and special events. Many will always remain a mystery since most of these moments have only been recorded since the mid-20th century, whether as a photograph or a video.

In this list, we have collected 24 photos and stories that will either surprise you ... or scare you. Unlike many photos nowadays, these snapshots have not been edited with a photo editing program, making them all the more interesting ...

Source: YouTube

The Pterandon, the largest flying dinosaur, lived in the Cretaceous period (around 70 million years ago). It looked like a cross-breed between a pelican and a bat, but bigger. It had an impressive appearance and could reach a wingspan of up to 7.5 meters long. Like almost all other animals of that time, the Pterandon died out tens of million years ago. When we see the photo above, though, we have doubts ...

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