Mysterious photos that nobody can explain. Or can you?

History is full of strange moments and special events. Many will always remain a mystery since most of these moments have only been recorded since the mid-20th century, whether as a photograph or a video.

In this list, we have collected 24 photos and stories that will either surprise you ... or scare you. Unlike many photos nowadays, these snapshots have not been edited with a photo editing program, making them all the more interesting ...

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The Pterandon, the largest flying dinosaur, lived in the Cretaceous period (around 70 million years ago). It looked like a cross-breed between a pelican and a bat, but bigger. It had an impressive appearance and could reach a wingspan of up to 7.5 meters long. Like almost all other animals of that time, the Pterandon died out tens of million years ago. When we see the photo above, though, we have doubts ...

The falling body

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The American Cooper family was very happy with their new home in Texas. It had to be celebrated! So, the father of the family decided to take a picture of his wife and mother-in-law with their two children sitting on their laps. They sat at the table with a big smile. Nothing seemed strange about it, until the photo was developed: A body looked like it was falling out of the ceiling! Nobody had any idea where it came from. Was it the appearance of a deceased former tenant of the house? It has never been solved.

"Babushka Lady"

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When U.S. President John F. Kennedy's car drove through the streets of Dallas on November 22, 1963, several Americans were waiting on the sideway for the popular President to pass by. In the grass between Main and Elm Street, the "Babushka Lady" attended the event as well, a woman who hoped to take beautiful pictures of the President with her film camera ... that is, until he was shot in the head in the passing car.

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The president had been murdered. "Babushka Lady" (who got this nickname because she wore a headscarf similar to that of a traditional older Russian woman) continued to capture part of the event after the incident, unlike other bystanders who lay down on the ground in fear. It has remained a mystery who the woman was. The images she made of the event were never found ...

Calling women

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The image above comes from a film made in 1938. The ladies we see here are employees of the American company DuPont. The working day has finished and together, they walk outside. What is striking here is that the woman in the middle seems to be talking on a cell phone! How that is possible has remained a mystery for a long time, since the first portable telephone only came on the market in the '80s.

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A person with a portable telephone can also be seen in images from the 1928 film, "The Circus." The film was made by famous English actor, director, composer, and comedian Charlie Chaplin and shows a robust, elderly woman walking toward the theater. She is wearing a black hat, and her face is mostly hidden behind her collar. In her hand, she has an object that she is holding against her ear while she is talking into it ...

An additional hand

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Here, we see a group of female weavers from Belfast in Northern Ireland in a group photo from 1900. The black-and-white photograph was made in the dusty factory hall. It looks like an ordinary snapshot, but if you look closely, you will see an additional hand resting on the shoulder of one of the ladies.

An astronaut in the background

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In 1964, British Jim Templeton took this picture of his daughter while they were having a picnic. Although it was a beautiful day, the two were the only ones in the park. When Jim had the photos developed, he was shocked to see that someone in a space suit was standing right behind his daughter. And he had definitely not seen this "astronaut" while at the park!

The time traveler

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When the Canadian Gold Bridge was officially reopened in 1941, quite a few locals attended the event. Almost everyone looked the same in terms of hair and clothing style: parted hair or a hat, a jacket or a dress. However, one person stood out of the crowd completely. The man had (modern) sunglasses on his nose, a trendy cardigan,  and a T-shirt with a printed design, and he held an (SLR) camera.  

Who does that thumb belong to?

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Four friends are posing in the backyard. While one of their mothers takes a picture of the four, something strange is going on in the photograph. For some reason, there appears to be an additional hand next to the boy's head on the right, holding up a thumb. Whose is it? How did it get there? It cannot be his friend's hand, since he has put both arms over the boys!

A UFO in a 15th-century painting

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In the Palazzo Vecchio, a beautiful old palace in Florence, Italy, there is a special painting: "Madonna col Bambino e San Giovannino." In the work of Italian artist Giovanni da San Giovanni, we see Mary and her son, Jesus. However, if you take a closer look, you can also see a UFO-like object in the sky. Did Giovanni paint a flying saucer there? To Mary's right, there also appears to be a man and a dog, looking up at the strange phenomenon ...

The "walking" stone

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A strange photo was taken in a desert-like valley in the American state of Nevada. The "walking" stone was found in the dry lake, Racetrack Playa. The stone has left a clear trail in the dry sand, leaving a line tens of meters long. Can stones move on their own?

A ghost

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After the three men in the snapshot above took a picture of themselves in the middle of the night, there seemed to be someone else in the photo. A ghost-like figure appears to be visible on the left. Or was it just a "spot" that came up after the flash went on and off? It certainly looks exactly like a historical figure ...

Alien activities

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This special light phenomenon was seen above the Hessdalen Valley in central Norway. Scientists have been pondering the picture for years. What can this be? The line of light in the dark night is unexplainable. Different orbs appear to float through the air. Since the 1980s, this kind of phenomenon has been seen several times in this area, attracting the attention of UFO believers ...

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In 1960, a satellite was able to take this photo. NASA immediately named the strange object, "Black Knight," because they had no idea what it could be. The wildest rumors soon spread that this had to be an alien spy satellite. The object is said to have been sent to orbit around our Earth 13,000 years ago ...

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It was 1967 when amateur geologist Stephen Michalak from Winnipeg, Canada, was collecting rock samples at Falcon Lake. Then he saw (as he said himself) a cigar-shaped UFO descending toward the earth. Slowly, Michalak walked toward the object, from which bright light and sulfuric smoke were emitting. When he touched it, he got burned by some kind of an "exhaust valve." The burn left an even pattern of round marks on his body ...

Light on Mars

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The unmanned vehicle, the Curiosity, that NASA has been driving around on Mars was able to take this special photo, which shows inexplicable light. The question is: Where did this light originate from? Is there extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet after all?

A sea monster off the coast of Australia

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Near the Australian Hook Island, the above photo was taken in 1965. The image shows a kayaker in his boat on the clear water. In the foreground, you can see a huge animal below the surface of the water. But what is it, exactly? It is quite large indeed. Is it a sea monster? According to the photographer (Robert Le Serrec), it looked like a giant tadpole. The animal would have been no less than 25 meters in size.

The spirit of Freddy Jackson

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In 1919, a Royal Air Force engineer was killed in a tragic plane crash. When his close colleagues took a group photo after his funeral, Freddy seemed to "secretly" have shown himself as well. In the background, Freddy's face appeared vaguely.

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"The spirit of Freddy" was discovered on the snapshot many years later when someone studied the photo in more detail. The deceased engineer apparently wanted to be in the last photo, joining the entire team. The First World War had just finished, and the fighting men and women would return home after this meeting.

The ghost of Ellen Hammell

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British Mabel Chinnery took a photo of her husband in their car in 1959. She was 100% convinced that he was alone in the vehicle when she recorded the moment. Later, it turned out that there was another person in the back of the car, who resembled her mother, Ellen Hammell. The old woman had died just a week before the photo was taken. Had her spirit returned?

A ghost in the pew?

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It was a hot day in 1975. Together with her husband, Diane Berthelot visited the Saint Mary the Virgin in Worstead. In the church, they could cool off for a while, taking the time to commemorate the dead at the same time. Diane's husband decided to take a picture of this beautiful moment with his wife. They were the only ones sitting in the pews. Or were they? After the couple looked at the photo again later, they were shocked. Someone seemed to be behind Diane!

A meter-long underwater creature

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This photo from 1910 suggests that a group of locals from the American Seatle had made a special catch. On the beach of Shilshole Bay, they posed together with a multi-meter-long underwater creature. However, the authenticity of the animal is doubted because it seems to resemble a processed tree trunk. Whether it was a living creature or not, we will never know ...

A finger 38 centimeters long

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In 1988, 56-year-old Swiss Gregory Spörri took the above photo. He had found a mummified finger in the Egyptian Bir Hooker, about 100 kilometers northeast of Cairo. The finger was no fewer than 38 centimeters long, which would mean that it belonged to a "person" between 4 to 5 meters long!

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