7 Signs That Show Your Cat Truly Loves You

Shutterstock/Africa Studio

There’s no denying that cats have a massive reputation for being the most indifferent pets in the world. They seem not to care about you and only give you attention when they are hungry or want to be pampered!

Unlike your proverbial dog who wags its tail non-stop the moment you walk through the door, felines seem to not have a way of communicating their love to you.

But that’s not true! In fact, here are some of the most subtle features your cat uses to show how much it cherishes you.

The Headbutt

So you’re resting on the couch and watching your favorite show on Netflix. Suddenly, you feel a slight ram on your head, only to find your cat purring non-stop as she headbutts you.

Worried? Don’t be. This is one of the ways that your cat acknowledges that you are one of the most important people in her life.

Curled Tail and Twitching Tip

One of the ways to determine your cat’s mood is by how its tail twitches. For most cats, when it swishes its tail and puts it in an erect manner, it usually means happiness and comfortability in your presence. If the cat goes a step further and curls its tail around your leg, then most likely it considers you a friend, or even a parent!

Exposing the Tummy

Cats are very solitary and clandestine animals. But for the select few that it cherishes in its life, it will always show them its tummy.

By doing so, the cat demonstrates how safe it feels around your presence, and it is not afraid of any of its vulnerabilities.


Of course, purring is a major sign that your cat digs your company. In fact, animal behaviorists believe that most cats only reserve their purrs for humans they truly love! Heck, they don’t even purr for other cats.

The Occasional Dead Mouse Next to Your Bed

While it might be annoying to find a dead mouse rotting away next to your bed, consider this a gift of gratitude from your cat. Simply put, your cat feels secure enough to bring her laurels to your home, and ultimately share them with you. So instead of punishing her, simply throw the dead mouse or bird away and give her a good ol’ pampering!


Ah yes, your cat considers you as its go-to chew toy. Once you’re rested, your cat will gently snuggle up to you and nibble away at your hands or feet. Don’t panic though. A nibble is normally painless and quite distinguishable from a sharp bite. If anything, you’ll find this nibbling quite enjoyable!

Following You Everywhere

Does your cat consider you the center of its world? Heck, you can’t even go number one or two without your feline slyly sneaking through the door to see what you’re up to.

Some privacy, please?

This is a massive indicator that your cat is head over heels for you, and you hold a special place in her heart.