9 Best Tricks You Can Use to Minimise Your Cost of Travel


If you fail to plan effectively, you’re likely to break your bank during your travel escapades. As such, you’re obliged to devise as many ways to save several bucks on each of your trips!

While executing a trip successfully on a tight budget is tricky, you should be open to learning from people’s experiences and improve your expenditure. This article highlights tested and proven techniques that will help you to save money on your trips.

Best Methods to Maximize Savings on Your Trips

  • Take Advantage of Offers and Coupons

Most hotels and transportation companies have brilliant offers that will certainly save you a few coins. For example, some traveling agencies significantly subsidize transport cost for people who travel in groups. In such a case, you can team up with several travelers and grab the offer.

  • Sign Up for Your Airline’s Newsletter

Airlines consider email subscribers as their loyal customers. As such, they are always given priority when there are offers and prizes to be won. You’d be surprised to get discounts of more than 35% on your flights. These are some of the benefits that will save you plenty of money during your travels!

  • Apply for Your Airline’s Credit Card

Most aviation companies have loyalty points for travelers who use their credit cards when paying for trips. For example, some airlines will offer a free trip after you fly for more than 25,000 miles with them! This can save you up to $100 and $50 trips for the baggage fee.

Additionally, this card will offer other benefits including bonuses for signing up. For example, American Airlines gives users using the Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard 60,000 miles if they spend more than $3000 in purchases within 3 months of subscription!

  • Get Alerts when Fare Drops

You should always aim at traveling at the lowest available fare rates. To achieve this, consider subscribing for fare drop alerts with several airlines. For example, you can use Google Flights suggestions since it compares the prices and provides the most affordable for you. Alternatively, you can use apps such as Hopper and Skyscanner to get the fare drop alerts.

  • Book New Hotels and Flight Routes

As a marketing strategy, new hotels and flight routes are significantly discounted. What’s best is the fact that they offer the best services too since they need referrals.

As such, you’ll enjoy quality services at a relatively lower price. For example, a new hotel can offer introductory prices of $95 after which the price increases to a standard $200 during peak season!

  • Be Unique

Avoid places that are favorable for the majority. Instead, you should get other places that are less explored but offer incredible value. Such destinations are relatively affordable and you’ll undoubtedly get the best experience.

  • Gamble with Last-Minute Bookings

While this technique may backfire on you, it works brilliantly if executed correctly. Hotels that have not been able to meet their booking targets can offer excellent packages for the late bookers. You can use apps such as HotelTonight and HotWire to get tip-offs on hotels with such offers.

  • Seek Recommendations on Affordable Eating Joints

You should seek recommendations from social media and your close friends on the ideal food joints that won’t unnecessarily empty your wallet.

  • Travel During the “Dead Week”

Dead weeks runs between January 2 and January 15. At this point, very few people are travelling and the cost of transport and accommodation is relatively affordable.

Bottom Line

While travelling is an expensive affair, you can reduce the cost significantly by implementing the tips offered herein. Read through each point and implement exhaustively to enjoy some of the most cost-effective trips of your life!