A Proven Technique to Stroking Your Adorable Cat!

PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock.com

Our lovely feline pets, oh how we adore them! Yes, they might be the most snuggly things in our lives, but they have their demands too.

When it comes to our cats, the second most important thing after food is giving them all the attention in the world.

Cats love to be pampered, and nothing soothes them better than an owner who knows how to stroke them the right way.

Which begs the question: how exactly should we stroke our cats without agitating them?

To get a deeper understanding of this technique, it’s important that we underline the basics of cat pampering. It’s only after building the groundwork, can we perfect the stroke!

So where to begin? Oh yes, let’s talk a little about the history of cats. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats were first domesticated as a means of pest control when farming was adopted by ancient humans.

And even if your cat might love you, it still possesses some of their predatory wild instincts. This is why cats have infamously been called the most ‘don’t-care’ pets around.

They are not needy for affection like man’s best friend. So when it comes to interacting with humans, there are certain areas that they love to be touched.

Stroking Your Cat

If you want to stroke your cat the right way to the point that they sound like a generator purring non-stop, there’s an art to it.

First things first, you have to be aware of the cat’s posture and behavior. Because of a cat’s laissez-faire nature, they love to be petted especially after having a full meal and are looking relaxed.

The most ideal places to pet a cat are next to its facial glands; preferably on their cheeks, on the chin, or around the ears.

NOTE: Most cats hate being petted on their back and tummy. You might just be signing your ticket straight to ‘scratch’ town if you dare to go there!

How To Tell If Your Cat Likes Your Stroke

It’s essential to monitor your cat’s reaction to your stroke as you go about initiating the first contact. To tell if your cat is in cloud nine with every stroke, here are some tell-tale signs that you’re doing it right!

  • Your cat needs your skin with its front paws as it purrs continuously
  • Its tail is in an upright position and it decides to get closer
  • The cat gently waves its tail from one side to the other
  • Your cat is in a relaxed posture and at ease with its facial expression.
  • Encourages you to continue stroking if you pause by gently nudging you.

And there you have it! Now that you know how to pleasure your cat with each stroke, use these powers wisely; else you might find your cat unabashedly addicted to your touch!