Can’t Get Enough of Your Dog? Then You’ll Enjoy this Sleepathon!

Chirtsova Natalia /

Dogs, don’t we just love them? Yes, they can be some of the most adorable pets around. And unlike our feline friends, dogs actually love to spend time with you!
They can’t get enough of us and we can’t get enough of them. So, if you truly want to take your love for man’s best friend to the next level, then why not take a trip to South Africa, and enjoy the cats and dogs sleepover hosted by TEARS Animal Rescue.

This particular event hosted at the Sunnydale Rescue Shelter allows every dog and cat owner to bring their pets and spend the night bunking with them!

Each ticket goes for the price of R200 per individual and participants can sign up as friends, a corporate group, or a family affair. So what’s the purpose of this awesome sleepover with pets? Well, the institution plans to raise funds to provide sterilization services to animals in low-income areas, emergency surgery for injured pets, and all-round veterinary care for any pets in need.

Once a participant has made a payment, they will receive a notification with all the details regarding the sleepover. The participant can then travel to the Sleepathon, where their tickets will be checked at the entrance before enjoying the next 14 hours spending time with their close friends, and of course, their lovable pets!

If that’s not enough, there will be live music at the occasion enabling individuals to socialize in the open space.

Worried that you’ll be starving the whole time? Don’t be! The event provides a sumptuous gourmet meal as well as hot cocoa to ensure you stay warm and stuffed in case it gets chilly.

According to TEARS marketing coordinator, Luke Kruyt, the Sleepathon is designed to promote a sense of care and appreciation for pets in the area.

You see, there are millions of pets every year subjected to all forms of abuse from cruel or indifferent owners. These pets rarely get the love and affection they need to develop effectively. They are also subjected to all forms of torture resulting in life-threatening injuries. TEARS hopes that the sleepathon will encourage empathy with our pets, and inspire us to give them all the love and affection that they need.

It is believed that the Sleepathon will be hosted annually. And if you’d like more information on the date of the event in 2020, you can check out their website and book yourself a ticket.