Dolphins give each other Names Just Like Humans!

Andrea Izzotti/

If you’ve watched marine documentaries, the mention of dolphins is enough to send quivers all over your body. These are large mammals that live in seas and can potentially be dangerous especially when aggrieved.

But did you know that these creatures have a unique way of communicating?

Well, just like human beings, dolphins use specific whistles to call their friends in the sea. The whistles are pretty much an equivalent of names used by human beings!

Research and Discoveries on Dolphin

From observations, researchers noted that dolphins have a specific way of whistling to draw the attention of their fellow dolphins. Interestingly, different whistles only drew the attention of a specific dolphin but not all of them.

It is this observation that led to more research which culminated into the findings that dolphins have names similar to those of human beings. The only difference is the method of delivery.

Interesting History of Dolphins’ Intelligence

Dolphins have, for a long time, been known to be relatively intelligent compared to other sea creatures. If you’re a keen follower of maritime activities, you must have heard the fisherman’s story of how dolphins protected stranded sailors from the wrath of sharks.

While these stories have never been authenticated, dolphins can do it considering the level of intelligence they display. Additionally, researchers from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland have proven that dolphins give names to each other.

An Interesting Experiment

One of the most convincing experiments on dolphins appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences. During the research, scientists recorded dolphins’ whistles and played them using underwater speakers.

Interestingly, only specific dolphins could respond to specific whistling! This showed that these dolphins could identify with the specific whistles meant for them.

How the Whistling Technique Benefits Dolphins

Dolphins live in a relatively harsh environment where they can barely see each other. As such, their use of whistling as an identification technique helps them to communicate.

As a result, the dolphins can organize themselves into groups and protect each other from getting lost in the sea. Even when separated, it becomes very easy for them to trace each other through whistling.

More Research on Dolphins

While there is a strong belief among scientists that dolphins use specific whistles to call out their friends, there is a need for more research to confirm these beliefs.

Additionally, further research should be conducted to help in deciphering the language of the dolphins. Who knows, maybe humans will be able to communicate with the dolphins soon!