Essential items for your next trip that you are forgetting


When you are going on that epic trip you have been planning for ages. There are some things you simply can not forget. Your wallet? Your passport? Your phone? Your toothbrush (ok you can always buy another toothbrush but oral hygiene is important people). No matter what you bring you will always arrive somewhere and say “ah I wish I had brought a …” Well, this list will help with just that. Read on to find out what you wish you had brought before you even go.

Reusable water bottle.

If you are doing a lot of walking and are outside all day, water is important. Keeping hydrated will keep you in full energy and in a good mood. A water bottle is great to bring on a plane as you can usually fill it up in the airport and not become a slave to the flight attendant walking the aisles with a tiny cup of water. Not only this but if you invest in a nice bottle it can keep your water cool in really hot conditions.

A laundry bag.

How many times have you been traveling where one dirty sock forced you to give everything in your bag a deep wash when you got home. Bring a laundry bag so you can separate the dirty from the clean and keep your bag smelling healthy for longer.

Hand sanitizer.

A lifesaver, literally. Buy a small bottle of hand sanitizer that fits in your pocket or clips onto the outside of your bag and get in the rhythm of using it multiple times a day. The last thing you want is to be struck down with the flu early in your trip. Be prepared.

Noise-canceling headphones.

If you are going on a long haul flight, noise-canceling headphones can mean the difference between a pleasant journey and pure hell. When I step onto a flight now and see a young baby in the seat beside me I am able to smile and mean it. In the past, it was devastating. Noise-canceling headphones will remove the sound of the engine, the babies and that weird person beside you who is desperate to tell you their life story. While they can be expensive prices are dropping fast in this area as they become more standard across all brands.

A power bank

Don’t risk your mobile battery life on finding a wall socket that works. Bring a powerful power bank to ensure you can get multiple charges when you need them. Many people have a bad impression of power banks as they were given a low-quality free one at some point. However, they are amazing. A small power bank that would fit in your pocket could charge your phone fully 4 to 5 times. Essential when traveling.

Most of all enjoy your trip and savor every moment.