How to get a free drink on a flight

I am lucky (or unlucky) enough to have seen both sides of plane travel. I have flown with my company who has purchased me a fully comped ticket including meals and drinks and I have flown solo on my last dime going hungry looking at others who indulging in all the goodies on offer. Here is the key to getting a free drink if you are in need.

Before I tell you how to get a free drink, I want to establish a new rule for flying. The pay it forward rule. I have been on business trips overseas many times and I never use the upgrades that are offered. Usually, I have just spent the week in hotels and have been forced to go out for drinks with people I don’t really like. When I get on a plane the last thing I want is more alcohol. I was once sitting beside an older gentleman who asked for a glass of wine. The flight attendant apologized and said he would have to pay for it based on his ticket. He politely declined. It was my turn to give my order next, I promptly asked for a glass of wine and once I got it, handed it straight to the gentleman. This has since happened on many occasions, once I was beside a kid and his dad said he couldn’t get him a coke. I quickly turned to the dad and said I will happily get it if you like. While you might be wondering how this behavior gets you a free drink, my rule is simple, be nice.

If you find yourself on the opposite side and really want a free drink, it can be done. You are returning after a long trip and have no money left and would love a drink to calm your nerves or to celebrate your great trip, simply be nice. Be nice to those beside you and they may be kind to you.

Most importantly be nice to the flight attendant as on a plane, they are all-powerful. The first step is quite a difficult one but try it. Treat them like a human being. Say hello, ask them how they are and just be friendly. If you want to go a step further towards ensuring a free drink, offer them something you have, a piece of your chocolate or a full chocolate bar. 

For some reason, we don’t look at flight attendants as normal human beings when we fly. Some people treat them as nannies, some people treat them as slaves. In reality, they are there for your safety and comfort but that is all.