Interesting Facts About Cookie Monster. What Is His Real Name?

Ritu Manoj Jethani/

When we think of childhood heroes that really brightened our lives, we can’t help but glee nostalgically at Cookie Monster. One of the most famous muppets, Cookie Monster was a chubby, furry, blue bloke who made times fun on Sesame street.

But can you remember the origin of Cookie Monster? If you feel there might be some pieces to the puzzle missing, here’s a little refresher course on the origins of this spectacular muppet!

First things first, the term muppet does not refer to a puppet. This is actually a term invented by the writer of the show, Jim Henson after he struggled to join the terms puppet and marionette together.

Interestingly, the cookie monster doesn’t only focus his energy on eating cookies. He devours literally anything that comes his way. From donuts, to apples to bananas, this particular bloke is spoilt for choice with his meal selection!

Nevertheless, cookies are his Achilles Heel, and he will go to whatever lengths to find himself a good ol’ box of chocolate chip cookies.

When it comes to family, Cookie Monster is all about fostering the family ties. He has a father, sister, mother, and cousins that really provide him with the love and appreciation that he requires. Some of Cookie Monster’s most notable family members that appeared in a few episodes of Sesame Street include Max Monster, Apple Monster, and Biscuit Monster.

Just like Cookie Monster, his family is all about promoting positive activities such as environmentalism and energy conversation.

Because the first episode of Sesame Street aired on November 6th, 1969, it means that Cookie Monster is 50 years old but hasn’t aged a day. He is still the fun, charming, hilarious muppet we all loved to watch while growing up!

Some of Cookie Monster’s most hilarious phases include Om nom nom nom and Me eat cookie!

Clearly, Cookie has a serious problem speaking English correctly. And the reason for this is because the producers wanted the young viewers to feel relaxed and confident watching the massive monster. This would gradually help them get used to seeing a monster on a children’s show.

So what was Cookie Monster’s real name? In an episode of Sesame Street aired in 2004, Cookie sang a song that let the audience know that his real name was Sid before he munched on his first cookie. After that, the name stuck with him.

To this date, Cookie Monster has been with Sesame Street and is currently enjoying his time on the show’s 50th Season!