Lesser-Known Destinations for Your Bucket List

Kostenko Maxim/Shutterstock.com

The cafes of Paris, the streets of New York, the beaches of Spain. The world for an avid tourist can appear a little mundane. Everywhere you go there is a crowd of tourists around you. Each tourist is trying to get their Instagram selfie by the Statue of Liberty or Christ the Redeemer. Is there nowhere left that you can enjoy the incredible spoils this world has to offer without having to queue for an hour or rub shoulders with twenty people just to see an amazing sunset? Well dear reader, please read on, as I share with you some of the best unknown attractions out there.

Cappadocia, Turkey

This amazing place is still unknown to many and you will delight in knowing you will have all the space you desire to yourself. In fact, in many ways, the more people at this spot, the better it is. Cappadocia is starting to become well known for one thing, balloons. Hot air ballons that is. The area is covered in religious temples and a high plateau. You can take a hot air balloon ride through this incredible place or stay in one of the hotels (that look more like caves) that overlooks it. The more tourists the more hot air balloons in the air, the more beautiful. This is a splendid site for any tourist, either looking for adventure, tranquility or beauty.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the world’s undiscovered treasures. While the far east continues to be explored in more and more detail Uzbekistan remains a secret treasure, for now. Samarkand is a beautiful destination that will deliver plenty in terms of culture, beauty and more. It is already a protected area known as the ‘Crossroads of Culture’.

Ithaa Undersea Restuarant, Maldives

Speaking of Instagram, what if I told you about a restaurant that is underwater? Surely something to light up your Instagram profile? The restaurant is found below the surface of the Indian Ocean and offers a truly unique dining experience.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

While many go to Santorini of Greece for the incredible blue and white architecture there are some greater treasures to be found elsewhere. Chefchaouen is an incredible place in Morocco that is only covered in different shades of blue. The walls, the streets, the dress, all blue. A treat for those who want to see different ancient cultures and pastimes.

North Sentinel Island

Imagine a paradise island with no other tourists in sight? What would you give me if I could guarantee that you would be the only foreign person on a heavenly island? Before you start reaching for your wallet, this haven really is too good to be true. Sentinel Island is not very welcoming to tourists. Any person who dares to even approach the island is said to be killed. The island has not welcomed visitors for 60,000 years and I don’t think they will change their mind anytime soon. Maybe not one for the honeymoon after all.