Locations used in Game of Thrones that you must visit

Shutterstock.com/ K. Roy Zerloch

When we recount decades gone by we remember them for very different things. The 60s were the time of peace and love. The 70s was the era of rock n roll. The 80s was all about power suits and electronic music. The 90s was the birth of the internet and pop music. The 00s was the start of the digital age and social media. The 10’s… well, the decade from 2010 to 2020 was probably best defined by people’s obsession with Game of Thrones. The series ran for 8 years from 2011 to 2019 and it captured the attention of nearly everyone on the planet. While I am sure someone is reading this right now and saying to themselves, I didn’t watch and therefore totally disagree with your statement, you may not have watched it, but you know that most people did. Game of Thrones was an incredible moment for TV history. Each episode cost around $6 million to make and filming took place in some of the most spectacular locations in the world. If you want to follow the adventure here is where you need to visit.



Some of the most iconic imagery in Game of Thrones is beyond the wall. The cold, desolate location despite being full of frozen zombies was still incredibly beautiful. Skaftafell National Park was the main location for filming but there were many locations used around the country that would be a must-see for any fan of the show or lover of nature. 


If you have ever been to Ireland then you may have guessed that every time there was hard rain in green fields in the show, that is where they were. The Iron Islands, Storm’s End, The Dark Hedges, and more all featured in the show. The Dark Hedges is now a road (Bregagh Road)where traffic is not allowed to pass so that tourists can take pictures. If you remember a famous scene (Spoiler alert) where someone gets thrown off a bridge in the Iron Islands, you too can walk across this very bridge in Northern Island, near the giant’s causeway. It will lead to a small island and is incredibly beautiful.


If you thought the sun-filled city of Yunkai where slaves were rescued from, was also filmed in Ireland, then you are sorely mistaken. For these incredible scenes, the production company went as far as Morocco. Ait Benhaddou has been in use in so many films and tv shows now that those who live there are pretty much full-time actors. Traveling to Morocco is an incredible opportunity to see some locations used because they required little to no digital enhancement. They already look incredible. 


The scenes of Dorne were again a backdrop of beautiful buildings and incredible weather. It makes you wonder if the producers really needed all of these beautiful locations or were just spoiling themselves. For the Water Gardens of Dorne, the production team chose the Alcazar of Seville. This Spanish palace is still used by the Royal Family of Spain as a getaway today. The picturesque fountain and stunning gardens were a perfect place to show the leisure and wealth of the Dorne family. 


Croatia has some of the most beautiful cities in the world. They appear like they are left untouched from many centuries ago and in many cases, they are. The city of Dubrovnik was used as the setting for King’s Landing and walking along the outer walls will bring you to many viewpoints used again and again during production.

While Game of Thrones was a fantastic show (ignoring the final season), these locations are some of the most beautiful and cultural in the world today. While Game of Thrones is a good reason to visit, we are certain you will find many more reasons to prolong your stay