Meet The Baker Who Can Bake A Life-Sized Dog Without Blinking An Eye!

Youtube/Anna Dillon

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We all have dreams and fantasies. Well, some of ours might be crazier than those of others. Nevertheless, whatever inordinate fantasy you want to experience on this crazy planet, just know that it is achievable. Take for example having a life-size celebrity cake for your next birthday. It seems a tad too much, right?

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Not for this creative whizz of a baker hailing from Keen, London. Anna Dillon is taking her talents to newer heights by baking celebrity caricatures that will no doubt blow you away. Her latest invention, Poppy, is a hilarious representation of her beagle puppy that is quite elegant, to say the least!

The single mother has been crafting these artistic cakes for more than six years, earning herself recognition from notable baking shows located in the United Kingdom.

Her boisterous beagle puppy is what inspired her to get down to baking this particular masterpiece, and from the look of things, you can tell that her pup is fond of leaping excitedly in the air!

Standing at an impressive one-and-a-half foot, this particular cake took her a whopping four days to make, slaving away especially at the icing to make the cake as colorful as possible.

Nevertheless, being the experienced baker she is, Dillon seemed to have enjoyed every moment of the process; even boasting that she breezed past the finer details without breaking a sweat!

To secure the structure of Poppy, Dillon had to use a ten-millimeter rod grounded with bolts to keep the dog-like composition in place. Else, how would a one-and-a-half-foot cake remain erect?

In competitions, Dillon loves to spruce things up by employing the use of edible and non-edible compounds in the cake mixture. For this connoisseur, almost anything goes…

From pasta Scultura modeling paste, to polystyrene, no ingredient is too absurd to make it on her list.

But don’t be fooled; her cakes are notoriously sweeter than honey farmed to table in the Prairies!

Lately, Dillon has been flexing her muscle in creating the faces of famous celebrities on her cakes. Her most awe-inspiring inventions include the terrifying succubus of a witch that is Angelina Jolie in Maleficent; not to mention one of the most notable poets of the 18th Century, Robbie Burns.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Dillon is a member of the select few who have discovered how to fuse their artistic nature with their long-time passion. Way to go Dillon, we hope to sample your cake sometime in the future!