New Orleans Desserts You Should Know and Love

Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

New Orleans is the place to think about fun. Let the fun times is the motto of the city and one that people look for when they come here. This is a city that loves to eat and wants every single meal one that’s truly special in every way. Over the decades, it’s a culture that has developed incredible desserts to bring on the sweet finish. If you’re planning a visit or you want to celebrate in your own kitchen, now is the time to go for it. Everyone can find a dessert that takes their fancy and makes them happy.

Bananas Foster

Bananas foster has deep roots in New Orleans. It was created by one of the city’s most renowned restaurants, Brennan’s. It all starts with vanilla ice cream that’s hopefully homemade. A banana s halved and then grilled quickly until it caramelizes. The whole thing is topped with a sweet sauce with a hint of alcohol. Many places serve it with whipped cream and a row of toasted nuts. In certain places, they’ll bring it to your table directly. Then, it’s set on fire to bring out the flavor and provide you with a show you’ll remember forever.


Beignets are the workhorse of the New Orleans dessert world. This ubiquitous version of the doughnut can be seen in cafes and restaurants all over the city. it all starts with a pastry that’s been carefully made from the traditional French choux pastry. The dough is fried and pulled out of the oil. Then a layer of powdered sugar goes on top. Natives love this one so much they’re gotten to the state to declare it the official state doughnut. Don’t leave New Orleans without trying this classic taste.


This one starts with a base of delicious pecans. The yummy nuts are then coated in candied mixture. Most cooks add a syrup with just a hint of milk. Then it’s all about dipping the whole thing in chocolate. Hazelnuts are added for an additional crunch. Some places like to bring in a hint of rum for a grown up treat. You’ll find them wrapped in individual wrappers that are right for something sweet at the end of the day. Pair with a glass of wine or champagne for a special occasion worth savoring in every way.

Doberge Cake

Looking for something truly worthy of a special occasion? Then this one is for you. It’s a huge cake with many thin layers of thin cake. Chocolate and lemon pudding are layered on in equally quantities one by one. Then it’s topped with sweet buttercream and a thick layer of fondant. Many cooks make this one with six layers in total but it’s not uncommon to see even more in many places. A large cake makes this one something everyone can appreciate. Dip in a caramel sauce or try it plain. It’s all a good thing at the end of the meal.

King Cake

A traditional Mardi Gras dessert, king cake is one you can try any time you like. It all starts with a pastry flavored with cinnamon and wrapped up with nuts. Then icing is added to the cake until it forms a thick layer. People top with the cake with sprinkles in three different colors representing the three kings present when Jesus came into the world. A small toy Jesus is often hidden inside a space in the cake. The person who finds it is considered to have lots of luck for the rest of the year.