Solo Travel: Where To Go


John Muir an incredible naturalist and hero to the solo traveler once said: “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”. This incredible quote highlights the value of traveling alone. It can give you time to get to know yourself better and to get in touch with nature and the world. If solo traveling is something you have always considered doing but are not sure where to start, read on to find the best places to go.

The first piece of advice to give you is very simple, do it. It is intimidating, it is outside of your comfort zone and it will not be easy. The rewards will be worth it. With that in mind, let’s luck at where you should go.


Europe is a mix of cultures, nature, and food that will immediately embrace you. The fantastic appeal about Europe is how easily you can visit a wide range of countries. You can get one train ticket that will allow you to travel across all of Europe as much as you wish. Europe also has high levels of English speakers but they do appreciate when you try to speak the native language. The only downside is the prices as Europe is pretty expensive. If it is your first time traveling alone then Europe is a good place to start. Great rewards with low risk.

Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the surrounding countries are some of the most beautiful places in the world. The prices are low and the people are very friendly. There are huge numbers of backpackers who travel across these countries every year meaning there is a set path that many solo travelers follow. While you may set off alone you are sure to find like-minded people on this journey. The only downside is that while you may want to do something truly unique the gap year to Asia has become the most common thing someone who wants to find themselves does. If you choose this option please promise us one thing; don’t take any new Facebook profile pictures with half sedated tigers. 

South America

South America has some of the greatest feats nature has to offer. The Iguazu falls are larger than Niagra in every way. The salt flats of Bolivia must be seen to be believed. The trails of Patagonia are rivaled by none in the world. The ruins of Peru are a cultural haven. South America has it all and is a solo traveler’s dream. While it is a tougher task alone as the language barrier is real and the infrastructure is undeveloped it will be a greater reward. The only real drawback of South America is choosing how to fit it all into your time constraints. 


The truth is you can go anywhere and you will find an incredibly enriching experience. The first step is to commit to doing it. Book some time off work and get going!