The Best Foods of Madagascar

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Lying just off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is one of the world’s largest islands and home to many different people of differing backgrounds. As such, it also one of the crossroads of many cultures in the region. The island is home to many kinds of foods. Spices are grown here in profusion. Seafood is plentiful and easily found right offshore in great profusion. If are going to make a short stop, you’ll be amazed and delighted at the incredible different kinds of dishes you can eat. Let natives help you discover all that is great and good about the island’s many types of food.

Foza sy Hena-kisoa

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The seafood platter that is served in many parts of the country shows off the best of the local catch in every way. Crab and lobster are shucked carefully until only the interior remains. Then, cooks add bits of pork and fry up the entire dish. Ginger brings in a hint of spice before it reaches your plate along with lime juice made from the abundant limes that grow in the interior. The goal is a dish with lots of different pieces that all come together as one. This is a good one when you want to celebrate.


Vegetables form part of the stable diet of many residents and are greatly beloved. People look for ways to bring in the flavor without sacrificing the crispness and crunch that makes vegetables such a joy. This one generally includes lots of carrots, green beans, onions and cabbage. A bit of vinaigrette brings in the snap in every bite. It’s a good choice when you’re in need of something light that works well with many other types of classic dishes in this region. Serve it very cold and you’ll find an easy way to beat the heat.

Mofo Gasy

Breakfast is the best meal of the day according to many residents. They like to start it off the right way. This is where mofo gasy comes in. It’s well known as the bread of Madagascar and much appreciated by locals in search of something portable that’s also hot and crispy. It’s a thick pancake that is made from a dough with sugar, yeast and a local dish known as cream of rice. Quickly fried, it’s an easy thing to enjoy. Enjoy it with a dipping of maple syrup, chopped native fruit and plenty of freshly made juice.


Snack foods are an integral part of the culture of the island. People love to grab something on their way to somewhere else. Pastry is cut into small, thin, long bites. Each one is filled with leek, cabbage, onions and beef. The entire snack is then fried until crispy. Like many other dishes in Madagascar, this one is usually served with a lot of hot sauce at the ready the second it comes out of the oven. Large plates of freshly made new are an ideal thing to bring out for a crowd.


This stew has attained national dish stature. You’ll find many variants across the land. In general, you can expect to find a thick stew with meat as the center ingredient. It might be beef, pork or chicken. Green vegetables are used to add additional colors and lots of texture as well as vitamins. Onions add character along with plenty of spices to give it lots of amazing kick with each mouthful. Chilies and watercress bring in a much appreciated peppery underdone when served, as it usually is, over a bed of rice.