The Brits Love Their Desserts and So Can You

Shutterstock / Margoe Edwards

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There are lots of things the British take pride in doing well. This is one nation full of people who love to go to the theatre, enjoy reading great books and long walks in the countryside It’s also a nation devoted to the concept of a nice finish to any meal. This is the country to sample some of the best desserts anywhere. You’ll find lots of fabulous choices right for the warm months or when you want something cool and refreshing. These incredible desserts will make your mouth water and offer something to linger over with a nice cup of coffee.

Bakewell Tart

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Shortcut pastry forms the basis of this richly inviting pastry. Jam is layered on top along with frangipane. Flaked almonds add an extra layer of crunch that serves to provide much-needed contrast. While the name might seem to refer to the fact that the tart is baked well, it actually comes from a real live town named Bakewell. The British like to add a side of cream or custard for dipping but you can eat it plain. Serve with a cup of tea for the ideal snack or your own personal British style tea time.

Spotted Desert

An ancient and beloved British dessert, this one gets spots from lots of dried bits of fruit buried in the cake. You’ll find it studded with different kinds of fruit like currants and raisins. The tart is a good one for a light dessert in the heart of summer. This is another dessert the Brits like to serve along with the cream. It’s fine when just out of the oven. It’s also served in the middle of summer when people are looking for something light that adds a nice and subtle sense of sweetness.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Those who are looking for a layered dessert with plenty of sweetness to it can pick this one happily. It all begins with a base of sweet cake that’s as moist as possible. On top of that goes a thickly poured toffee sauce designed to bring in even more charm. The classic vanilla ice cream goes on top but you can put on custard if that is more to your taste. The dessert can be as upscale as you like with the addition of a fancy coffee or something more humble that calls to mind days in the English countryside.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are the stuff of song and legend. The sweet bun is topped with a thick layer of icing in the shape of a cross that gives this one its name. You’ll see these often during the springtime as the Brits welcome in the new season with a nice treat. The buns have spices of all kinds including cinnamon and nutmeg. Dried fruit is added to the mix and served at the end of the meal. Bite into one and sample all that’s really delicious about the history of British baked treats.

Summer Pudding

As the name implies, this one is reserved for summer. Summer is when the Brits make the most of the world of fruit commonly grown all over the nation. This one is relatively simple in preparation. White bread forms the basis of the dessert. Berries of all kinds such as cherries, blueberries, loganberries and raspberries are left to macerate overnight to bring out the inherent juiciness. The berries are then mixed with the bread and baked overnight. This one is the right choice for anyone who loves ripe fruit brought to true perfection.