The greatest safaris in the world bumihills

One of the greatest parts of nature is the incredible wildlife that exists around the world. If you ask any nature lover where the greatest selection of incredible wildlife exists they will all say the same thing. Everyone knows that the plains of Africa have the most incredible selection of wildlife in a natural habitat in the world. While there are some jungles around the world that have incredible wildlife too, it is hard to reach and even when you get there it can be tough to find any animals out in the open. In Africa, it is very different. There are massive open plains of safari where you can see the world of animals unfold in front of you. 

If you do decide to visit Africa and to go to a safari, the next question is what country to choose and what safari to go to. Safari trips are incredibly expensive as they have to pay for the upkeep of the animals and to fight off problems like poachers. If you decide to go on one of these tours you should be willing to pay a sizeable fee. Anyone that is charging too little should be viewed with suspicion as their practices are likely cutting corners somewhere. We have selected two of the finest safaris for you below. Either one of these would be a guaranteed trip of a lifetime.


Botswana is an incredible location for an animal safari. It is a landlocked country but when the delta floods every year it is home to some of the most amazing animals. The Okavango Delta has been renowned for many years as the best place in the world to see giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas and much, much more. You can choose between the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Moremi Game Reserve for your safari and both will provide an incredible adventure.

In the Moremi Game Reserve, you can explore the delta on horseback. This will allow you to enter some of the flooded areas that you could not explore in a car. Of course, being on horseback means you can also get a little bit closer to the action. Don’t get too close though or you may become part of the game. The reserve offers luxurious lodges so that you will be well looked after and even has a number of houseboats so you can stay right on the water.


Namibia is not as well known as Botswana for safaris, but don’t let this put you off. If anything, this is a good thing because it means smaller crowds on the safaris. Ongava Park in Namibia is an incredible place to see some of the most beautiful animals in the world. The site used to be unproductive farmland but has since been transformed into a natural habitat.

The area is around 30,000 hectares and offers ample space for all the inhabitants. Whether you are awoken by the lions roaring nearby in the morning or the birdlife keeps you awake a little longer as the sunsets you will find yourself surrounded by nature in Ongava Game Reserve. The site offers some incredible lodges as well. Here you have the option of staying high in the air where you can look down on the wildlife below. If that is not enough to win you over, many of the lodges have built-in infinity pools as well. 

A safari is not a holiday to be done on a shoestring budget. It is an adventure that you will only take once in your life and when you do it will change you forever. If you want to get closer to the animal kingdom and increase your understanding of the beauty of nature then we recommend you take the time and the money to visit an incredible game reserve.