The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World

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In this modern world where it is increasingly possible to live anywhere, how do you choose? Do you choose based on the weather in the area? Do you choose based on the epic activities you can do? Do you choose based on the tax rate? For many people the main consideration is how welcoming a place is to dogs. If you own a dog you will understand how important the area is, in providing facilities and a welcoming environment. We have listed the most dog-friendly cities below.

New York, USA

While New York is a bustling metropolis full of people it is also full of dogs. The latest estimates suggest there are nearly 500,000 dogs in the city. While the apartment lifestyle in New York would lead you to believe it is not a great place, the evidence suggests otherwise. There are some fantastic parks (hello Central Park) to walk your dog and bars and restaurants are generally very open to pets being inside. 

The subway has a rule that a dog is only allowed on the subway if it fits in a bag. This has not stopped big dog owners from riding the rails as you can always find a bag big enough, with a number of clever New Yorkers opting to put their dogs in large Ikea bags!

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is well known in Europe as a dog welcoming country and Prague is the main city (for people and dogs). Not only do most pubs and restaurants welcome dogs but don’t be surprised if the waiter brings a bowl of water and a snack for your chum.

Bringing your dog to work is quite common in Prague as well but you should always check with your employer first. Leashes are required in most public places. Aside from this everything seems set up to welcome you and your pup.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has given itself the name of the most ‘Dog-Friendly City’ in the world. With the highest number of dogs per person (1 dog for every 17 people) the city is set up to be a dog haven. It has seventy dog parks and four dog beaches. Not only this but the city has a special day to celebrate pets with many festivals operating in August. 

All of this combined with beautiful weather year-round makes Tel Aviv the number one place to live with your dog.