The Number One Trick to Having More Space on Your Flight

Matej Kastelic/

Flying, it can be exciting as you approach a new destination. It can be relaxing as you watch a new movie and have someone bring you your food. Or it can be miserable if you are squashed beside people, if they are loud or if they don’t smell so good. Six hours beside someone with smelly feet is never ideal. The main problem people complain about on a plane is the lack of space. No one seems to have enough space as planes are increasingly made to fit more and more people. If you want to learn the best trick to getting more space, read on.

This trick is made for people traveling in pairs. If you are a duo traveling the key is that when you book your flights you must book one aisle seat and one window seat, leaving the middle seat empty. While this may seem silly at first glance, it is a brilliant move. One of two things will happen.

The Middle Seat Remains Empty.

There is a high chance that if you book the two outer seats no one will book the middle seat. It will be left empty and you and your partner will have this extra room for your bag, your shoes, your drinks, and your books. Perfect. I know what you are thinking, what if someone chooses that seat?

The Middle Seat is Taken.

It is unlikely that anyone will deliberately book the middle seat. Everyone hates it, it is cramped, difficult to get into and difficult to get out of. There is no good view and there is no easy access to the bathroom. The middle seat is the pariah of the airplane world. However, if you are on a busy flight then every seat will likely be taken and someone will be on that middle seat. Do not fret! Simply sit in the window and middle seat and when they approach tell them that you booked with your significant other and would be happy to give them the aisle seat. Show me one person in the world who would turn down an aisle seat for a middle seat and I will show you a fool.

As you can see you have nothing to lose by taking this approach and everything to gain. It really is a hassle and cost-free approach to gaining space and has worked for me numerous times. Please, think of me when you are enjoying that little bit of extra space.