The strangest identical twins you will ever read about


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Identical Twins are strange. I am sure there is a more politically correct way to put that but let’s be honest the idea that two people look the exact same is pretty strange. If you agree well then fasten your seat belt (i presume you wear a seatbelt when you reading interesting articles to stop you leaping out of your chair with shock) because it is about to get a whole lot stranger. Let me tell you a story about the identical twins that got married.

I know what you are thinking, big deal, so one identical twin married a different identical twin, that can happen. You are right that is just a funny coincidence but I am actually talking about two marriages where two female identical twins ended up marrying two male identical twins. They are now basically identical couples.

Now that is pretty strange but I can make it stranger. These identical couples actually choose to live together in the same house which must get incredibly confusing. Ok here is the strangest part. Both couples are now expecting their first child. The identical women are going to have babies at the same time! This is incredibly strange and from a genetics point of view, it is pretty weird too. The babies will, of course, be cousins (nothing strange there) but their genetic profile will be so similar that they will closer to being scientific siblings. The couples are pretty happy about this fact and say they actually plan to raise the children as if they both have two dads and two mums. What kind of strange family is this?

Let’s give a little background information. The couples, unsurprisingly, met at an identical twin convention in Twinsburg Ohio in 2018. Since then the two couples started dating at the same time and both husbands proposed at the same. When the couple then got married they made the bold, and yet unsurprising, move of having identical twin ministers perform the joint ceremony. At this point, I think it is fair to wonder what is going on with these people, and if the couples get to do anything differently?
The couples made it famous when they featured on the TLC show ‘Our Twinsane wedding’. We don’t even want to think about how they both managed to get pregnant at roughly the same time but congrats to both of the happy couples.

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The couple chose to announce the pregnancy with a Baywatch themed Instagram post. Both the men are dressed as lifeguards with jackets and shorts and holding that classic red life-saving device. While both the women are in one-piece outfits that say “BABY WATCH” on the front. While I do find some of their antics strange, I do love a good pun and that is a good pun! The couple announced with the Instagram post “Guess what, We’re BOTH pregnant”.

Now I have to stop here for a moment and just ask how this came about. Did one get pregnant and tell the others and they said that it needed to be kept a secret until the other couple got pregnant too? Or are their genetics so in sync that the ladies literally walked out of separate bathrooms one day both holding pregnancy tests and screamed in the same high pitched voice?

Whatever the story, we at Daily Story are not ones to judge. Couples come in all shapes and sizes and we are delighted that these four people found each other and are happy to spend their lives together. We wish them all the best and hope that the babies grow up to be happy healthy and find two partners that are ideally identical.