The Unwritten Rules of Plane Travel


Traveling on a plane doesn’t have to be a terrible time, as long as everyone plays by the unwritten rules.

The middle seat

If you are lucky enough or indeed diligent enough to have ensured you got an aisle seat or window seat, please spare a thought for the person in the middle seat. They have much less room and are fully cramped. Therefore they are entitled to both armrests. You still get one armrest on the other side. I hate when an armrest battle starts to take place. Someone sits down, takes the full armrest and closes their eyes. Not on my watch buddy. I will defend a middle chair hero to the death. Recently one famous soda company started giving free drinks to those in the middle seat because they know how much it sucks.

Fresh socks

Long haul traveling can be uncomfortable. Slipping off your shoes makes it much more relaxing. Before you embark on a long haul flight make sure you have just washed your feet or if that is not possible then at least have a fresh pair of socks to wear.

Recline your seat

Forget those people who say reclining your seat is rude. The area that your seat reclines into is part of your space and the area in front of you that another seat can recline into is that person’s space. If everyone reclines, everyone has a more comfortable journey. It is just those people pretending to be kind who keep upright to make a point that ruins it for everyone else. 

Dining time is not reclining time

Despite what I just said, make sure you raise your seat while food is being served. While a flight attendant will likely tell you to do so anyway, if they miss you out, you should do it on your own.

Joining the mile high club

For many, having sex on a plane is a bucket list item. If it is one for you, maybe reconsider. Bathrooms are cramped, germ fests and uninviting. In addition, every time I go to the bathroom on a long flight there are queues of people. Unless you want an audience to your shenanigans I suggest that you let the mile high club go.

What rules would you like to add to the above? While it would be nice to rule out all crying babies something tells me that is just not possible.