Tourist Destinations That Are Too Crowded

Sergey Rybin/

We have all been victim to the lies of a photo. You see a picture of an incredible landscape, completely unspoiled. Immediately you want to go there. You decide that is the next holiday for you and start to make your plans. When you get there you realize the whole world had the same idea. You have to queue for an hour to take a picture or you have to simply put up with 200 people being in your photo. It can ruin not only the picture but the whole experience. Here are some of the most crowded tourist destinations.


The beautiful white buildings with blue trimmings never have a single person in the pictures. The reality is very different. If you are looking for somewhere to party then Santorini is still a great choice. If you are looking for a tranquil environment with white stone architecture and a relaxing time make sure you are there in the off-season or go somewhere totally different.


Paris is a tourist haven. Do you dream of seeing the Mona Lisa? Well, your dream can be a reality in Paris. The only catch is you have to stand behind a pit of people as if you are at a Metallica concert. Paris is overcrowded at the best of times. This leads to stressful days and numerous pickpockets. The workers at the Louvre museum recently walked out as they were so fed up with overcrowding.


Let’s blame the book Eat, Pray, Love. For years now people have been flocking to Bali for the parties, the tranquility, the lifestyle and the culture. The only problem is that the very culture people seek is being ruined by tourists. Bali is quickly becoming a drinking destination for Australians and a Yoga retreat for every young person who has ever said the word ‘Om’. There are many better places to find in more obscure destinations within both Indonesia and Asia.


Boracay is an incredibly beautiful island in the Philippines but the infrastructure can’t cope with the incoming waves of tourists. The island is now over littered and overcrowded during peak season. One to avoid.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is where people go to delve into their own minds for a while. A long trek and experience with ancient civilization. Yet you arrive and find on average 5000 visitors per day! This has forced authorities to come up with new ticketing plans to force people to not overstay at the landmark. 

The key takeaway in all of these places is that you can have much of the beauty they offer in other places that are less well known. Peru, for example, has the amazing Machu Picchu but it has so much more to offer as well. Paris has incredible food and culture but it can be found in many French cities. Take your lonely planet guide and put it to one side, take the road less traveled and find some truly undiscovered wonders in this world.