Traveling To Toronto Soon ? Here Is A Look At The Top Restaurants In The City

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The city of Toronto is known for embracing new flavors and cooking styles. Toronto is considered the most multi-cultural city in Canada. The citizens of Toronto enjoy sampling different flavors and techniques from different cultures. With so much variety around the city, surely you’ll be able to find multiple restaurants that will suit your needs. With that being said, here is a look at the best restaurants in Toronto.

Alo Restaurant

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The Alo Restaurant is a sleek bronze bar near Queen and Spadina. The stylish appearance of the restaurant makes patrons feel like they are in Europe. Alo Restaurant has received positive reviews for their creative menu and wine pairings.


Edulis is located in the King West area of the city. The restaurant serves fresh seafood using locally sourced ingredients. The menu features five and seven course meals. Edulis strives to promote hospitality and offer strong customer service. The wine and champagne menu has received great reviews from patrons.

Bar Raval

Bar Raval is a Spanish tapas bar that serves conservas, pintxos, and jamon, along with different cocktails. Bar Raval seeks to give you a taste of Barcelona’s Raval neighborhood. You can stand up at the bar or walk around sampling different beer barrels.

Mamakas Taverna

The Mamakas Taverna is a Greek Taverna. The restaurant offers full-flavored and unique takes on different tavern classics. The Mamakas Taverna is one of the most popular restaurants on the Ossington Strip. The food, music, and decor will transport you to Greece.

Assembly Chef’s Hall

Assembly Chef’s Hall offers patrons a variety of choices. The restaurant is located at the center of Toronto’s Chef community market. The menu features options from Toronto’s most accomplished chefs. You have the option to try some noodles, pizza, or multiple unique Japanese dishes.


Located in Greek Town, Fiorentina has a locally sourced seasonal menu. You can enjoy your meal in a warm setting. Fiorentina serves their dishes with a strong French accent.


Chiado is an elegant restaurant. Many patrons have been impressed with the restaurant’s take on Portuguese cuisine. Chiado serves Portuguese dishes using the best natural ingredients. Chiado receives fresh fish from the Azores every day. You can also try several land-based dishes.


Many people believe that Carmen serves the best paella in the city. While you are waiting on your paella, you can sample some Spanish manzanillas with a glass of wine. Carmen owner Luis Valenzuela uses local ingredients and Spanish ingredients to create some sophisticated dishes.


Kiin’s menu features multiple dishes from Thailand. All of the menu items are rich in flavor, texture, and color. A few of the dishes have been influenced by Royal Thai Cuisine.


Batifole is a French restaurant located near Chinatown. The restaurant serves pates, steak fries, and other bistro dishes in an intimate setting. During Happy Hour, you can purchase a cocktail.

Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill

Scaramouche is located on the first floor of a luxury condo in Midtown. One side of the restaurant serves haute cuisine. The other side of the restaurant is a pasta bar and grill. While you are enjoying your meal, you’ll have access to great views of Toronto. Scaramouche has won several awards based on their excellent food.

Seven Lives

Located in Kensington Market, Seven Lives is known for serving delicious Mexican tacos in double corn tortillas. The tacos are also served with Seven Lives’ house-made salsa. The tostadas have also received great reviews from patrons.