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We believe that life is about more than a daily routine or a nine-to-five job. The world is an amazing place, and we want to create a platform that helps to highlight some of the wonderful things about the world we live in.  Our aim is to create one repository of interesting, entertaining, and positive stories that show what the world has to offer and that encourages people to go out and take advantage of it. 

All of our authors are experienced both in writing and in life. They are located in different corners of the world with a wide variety of specialized areas of expertise to ensure our readers get insight into an array of topics in a unique and informed way. We hope that the articles produced here can excite and inspire our readers to create their own adventures and lead a positive example for those around them. After all, life is about living and we want to help others live their best life.

Our articles cover a wide range of topics, including science, travel, humanity, animals, space, and more. While all the articles are written to provide entertainment, we hope they leave a lasting impression as well. If we can provide you with some new information or a new idea to help you on your life journey, then we are succeeding!

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